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What Are Vinyl Liner Pools?
A swimming pool liner is fabricated using multiple sheets of vinyl seamed together. The material is specifically designed and hand-tailored to cover the floors and walls. While liners can be used decoratively, they also have important functional purposes.

First, the pool liner creates a pleasing, silky-smooth texture, preventing painful cuts or scrapes. Second, it retains water and prevents leakage that could seriously damage the pool or surrounding area. Available in a huge variety of colors and patterns, liners also define the overall look of the pool. For all of these reasons — both aesthetic and practical — a quality liner is an absolute must for both inground and above-ground pools.:
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Lifetime warranty

Latham’s Graphex and Elite Wall Panels & Braces carry a lifetime, non-prorated, transferable warranty.

SureFit Coping System

Latham’s exclusive SureFit coping system has a proprietary bead and a PVC locking system that ensures that the bead will not come out of the track.

Quality and value

Latham polymer panels offer premium performance without premium pricing.

Ultra-rigid polymer panels

Latham’s exclusive Graphex and Elite polymer composite panels and ultra-rigid Deluxe panels reduce the potential of warping and bowing due to thermal expansion of traditional polymer panels.

Totally non-corrosive

Latham’s polymer wall system is made from totally non-corrosive materials. This contributes to longer liner life due to reduced wall abrasion. Polymer pools are also better to suited to increasing popular salt systems, which can accelerate corrosion.