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Scheduling Your Pool Opening
Please be proactive when scheduling your pool opening. Do not wait until the weather warms up to schedule your opening. It would be a good best practice to wait and schedule any pool parties until your pool is up and operational. Not only does the weather play a role in our scheduling, but many times maintenance on equipment may need to be completed in order to get you up and going.

The beginning of the season we run a very tight schedule. Please remember that the weather can have a large impact on our scheduling. We will do our best to provide a high level of service so that you may utilize as much swimming time as possible.:
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Getting Started.
Preparing for Your Pool Opening
Fill up your pool

Ensure your water level is up to the middle of your skimmer. This allows the technicians to turn on all equipment and ensure proper function.

Check your pool cover

Ensure all water and debris is removed from pool cover.
*Removing your pool cover does not discount the Pool Opening fee.

Gather Your Accessories

Ensure all your drain plugs, return fittings, skimmer baskets and additional white goods are accessible at pool side.

What to expect.
What is Included in Your Pool Opening?
Our techs will remove the cover and screw down all anchors.

The cover will be folded and placed near the pool.

Install all drain caps, remove arms, and winter plugs

The pool will be treated with start-up Chemicals

*Chemicals are charged separately

All equipment will be turned on to ensure proper function.

Water must be at operating level.

Install handrails and ladders

Turn on equipment and ensure all is operational and free from leaks.

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After the Opening

What to Expect with Your Pool Opening?

Water Clarity

Often water clarity will not be obtained in the first few days after opening your pool. This will depend on the amount of debris and water chemistry at the time of opening your pool. You will play a large role in how quickly you can get back to swimming.

Best Practices After Opening

  • Remove debris from pool
  • Shock pool daily in the evening for up to 5 days depending on water clarity.
  • Continue vacuuming
  • Test water chemistry daily and add as needed until ideal ph and alkalinity is obtained
  • If you pool has excess algae backwashing may be needed every other day until resolved.

A Few Things to Keep in Mind

  • O’ rings tend to get dried out over winter. Once water begins to flow, they normally expand and stop leaking
  • Salt Generated pools will not give an accurate reading until water temperature is above 60 degrees.

Dealing with Equipment Issues

There is no guarantee that your equipment will be operational upon opening. If our technicians find an issue with your equipment you will need to schedule a separate service call to complete any maintenance.

Unfortunately, we do not schedule for additional time to complete equipment repairs at the time of your pool opening. If you would like to have your pool cleaned, you will need to schedule a separate pool cleaning. Or you may opt for our weekly or biweekly cleaning services

*IF the pool water is not at operating level upon opening, the tech will turn all equipment off before leaving.  It will then be the responsibility of the customer to turn on their equipment.  *If the customer would like us to return once the pool water has reached operating level to turn on all equipment this will result in an additional service fee.

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