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Pool Closing Guide
Scheduling Your Pool Closing
Please be proactive when scheduling your pool closing. Do not wait until temperatures reach freezing to schedule a pool closing as the schedule fills up quickly. It is recommended to reserve your pool closing date as soon as possible. It is the homeowner’s responsibility to ensure that the cover anchors and straps are in good condition before the pool closing.:
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Getting Started.
Preparing for Your Pool Closing
Locate Your Cover

Locate your cover & ensure that it's in good condition. Check to ensure you have all anchors, straps, and springs for your safety cover. Identify any items that may be damaged or not be in working order. Call ahead of your scheduled closing to order missing or damaged anchors, straps and springs. This will ensure the tech will have all the proper equipment to close your pool.

Check Water Level

Your water level will be lowered below your skimmers.

Collect All Necessary Pieces

Locate and set out all plugs, gizmos, and arms for the techs to install upon closing. Upon opening do not discard these items as they are used each year to close your pool.

What to expect.
What is Included in Your Pool Closing?
Winter chemicals will be added

Skimmer lines will have water removed, winterized with pool grade antifreeze and gizmos installed.

Installation of cover.

Returns will have water removed and arms or winter plugs will be installed. Main drains will be air locked if possible.

Water level will be lowered below skimmer line.

Remove all equipment plugs and clean salt cells if applicable.

After the Closing

What to Expect with Your Pool Closing?

Best Practices After Closing

  • Keep your cover free of water and debris
  • Safety Covers: Consider having your anchors cleaned and lubricated at the end of each year. This will help ensure you have functioning anchors year after year. (Please see store for details about this service).
  • Auto-Covers: Cover box maintenance includes cleaning out debris, and lubrication of parts. (Please see store for details about this service).
  • Having your sand changed every 5 years will help maintain water clarity throughout your swim season.

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